About Mark

Hi, I’m Mark Canes, CPA, CA, CITP. A regular alphabet soup am I.

I was a partner in a public accounting firm for what seemed an eternity (but was really only a few years) before discovering the joys of software development. Since then, 30+ years of systems design, information technology consulting and software development, and business management, all tied to business and accounting technology, have flown by, with the occasional break to play soccer or a round of golf. [OK, frequent breaks for soccer.]

As President of Blue Link Associates Limited I have been privileged to work with many very talented people and wonderful human beings,amongst both customers and colleagues. As important as technology has been in my career evolution, it’s consistently been the people who have added the most value on both professional and personal levels. And many of the mentors who have shaped my business career are quite unaware of the role they have played, and would in fact be embarrassed if they were publicly named. So to Jules, Martin, Monty, Ralph, Dave and Pat in particular – thanks. And to all the Blue Link customers and employees who continually rekindle my enthusiasm for this industry – you are far too numerous to list – I salute each one of you.

If you find any of my posts useful or interesting, please let me know. I really appreciate any and all constructive feedback. And if you also like soccer, check out this English Premier League podcast – I’m one of the pundits.

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