Moving to Microsoft Office 2013

January 28, 2013

Guest blog by David Michaelangelo Silva

Experience with Office 2013

I recently made the move to Microsoft Office 2013 and thought I would share my experience as well as some tips and tricks for getting started.

First of all, Office 2013 is not something to be afraid of. Making the jump from Office 2007 or 2010 is quite easy. The main differences are found in the user interface design and colour scheming while the basic layout remains the same. Of course, jumping from Office 2003 to 2013 will be a significant jump, however, if you are still using Office 2003 you are missing out on a lot.

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6 Factors for Selecting a Small vs. Large Software Vendor

January 15, 2013

Large or Small Software Vendor?In the past we’ve examined what you should look for in good ERP software support, and discussed the wisdom of looking at other important aspects of vendor evaluation such as good ERP software consulting. Now we’re going to explore another factor: ERP vendor company size.

Company size is not necessarily one of the most important decision factors when evaluating vendors, but should still be considered. Some people are more comfortable dealing with the corporate Goliaths of the world, while others prefer a one-on-one environment. Neither approach is better than the other, but there are a number of key areas to review to be sure you know what to expect.

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When is the right time to buy ERP Software?

January 7, 2013

Right Time to Buy ERP SoftwareWith the New Year upon us, many companies will be reviewing their businesses to determine if anything needs to be changed in the coming year to improve the organization.

Areas typically considered would include:

  • Can we improve the company efficiency?
  • Is there a way we can increase revenue?
  • Are our customers happy with our service?
  • Are we losing money in any areas of the business and why?
  • Do we need more staff to help with growth over the coming year?
  • Is the staff being overworked?

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Corporate and Event Catering Software – What to Look For

January 4, 2013

What to Look For - Catering Software

This post outlines functionality one should expect from Event Catering Software.

Many forms of catering software exist out in the marketplace. For the purpose of this post we will be focused on the functionality you should expect from a fully integrated system that includes inventory, accounting, contact management and order management for catering. We will explore some of the most important catering-specific features below.

Key Features

● Automated Menu Creation  ● Configurators  ● Driver Manifests

● Revision Control  ● Pick-up slips  ● Consolidated invoices

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